Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Sahara 01

As already announced, we had a fascinating journey (3rd till 17th Oct. 2008) through the desert Sahara. Many people say that the desert is everthing else but not what you expect. After that journey I may say that they are right.

We went on foot through mountains and plains for about 11 days, led by a marvellous Tuareg team and 7 camels. Most of the time we went on foot, rarely we also used the camels to ride.

In this blog, I will post from time to time short impressions and messages about the Sahara journey. Now, for the first impression some pictures about the black tent that travelled with us:

BaSallam (age: 74) is setting up the black tent.

A black goat hair tent next to a modern black cotton tent set up in the prelude of a desert storm. The storm was no problem for the goat hair tent, while the cotton tent needed adjustment from time to time.

Kristina in the clothing of Tuaregs. The "Chech", traditional scarf for the head, is a very important tool in the desert. It helps you breave in case of storms, to replace your sunglasses in case they broke, and to protect your head and neck from a dangerous sun.

We needed a long time to find our way back to everyday life after that trip in the desert. An unforgetable experience.