Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Movie is Finished!

On the 28th of August, Kristina flew to Turkey during the weekend just to give the new DVDs of the movie to the Yoruk Black Tent Makers. There was a warm welcome and a big meeting with happy faces. After all, it is also a meeting of friends after a long time as Kristina and her husband can only come to the place once a year.

Thanks to the eager work of Andreas Daniel the movie got finished in time and gets presented in two languages: German and English.

The professional print of the DVDs will start soon!

In Turkey, this weekend, there was a big party of both families of Simsek and Surgun with lots of food and smiling faces.

Still there was some sad news to share. Grandfather Simsek, who was one of the stars of the movie, has died 45 days ago due to illness. He was a loved and honored old man. Everybody respected him and he attained a proud age of 80 years.

As well, all the old tents that are shown in the movie have already disappeared forever, except but for one. And the family Simsek has built themselves a new tent one year after the movie was recorded. If it was not for us, they would have never had the idea of getting a new tent once more in these modern times.

Therefore, we are happy to have done the movie early enough in 2007. Some years later we would not have had the chance any more.