Tuesday, July 7, 2015

2015: Much has Changed!

In April 2015 the whole family travelled to the Selçuk Region for meeting old friends and taking part at the Ahmetli Yörükler Festival 2015. Well, that was quite a festival! Most professional and most charming! And who managed it? My old collegue Mehmet Şimşek from the movie who has become the honourable and celebrated chief of the Ahmetli Köyü Association of Yörük culture. He is not only a very remarkable man, but also has very remarkable contacts to whom he introduced me, and in particular to: I am very very thankful to have got acquainted with Meryem Pişkin Kaya, an honourable and most respected woman who is chief of the Yörük Culture Association in Izmir. She provided to me the following image:
Here, I got interviewed for Turkish television in Turkish. In the image you see Meryem, our interviewer, my husband, one of my daughters and me. Meryem is a very stunning personality and if you ever meet her, you will know that women do have high importance in Turkey. And I am very thankful to all the men and women in Turkey who have always supported me at their best. By the way, I wore a scarf because of the sun and not because of religious interests. I never ever got asked to wear a scarf even when I attended religious rites. People are very open minded. And there is much more to tell how the project has evolved the last 4 years. Things changed a lot. More blog entries need to come ....

Finally did the doctorate!

Since winter 2011 there was not much to read about the project and me. Well yes, our two wonderful children came along and there was much to do for being a good mother. Now, that the tiny ones have become bigger, I am quite back from maternity leave and guess what happened? I finished my doctoral thesis (while being a good mother, that is) ! 566 pages heavy and filled with tons of information and insights about Yörük black tents. Any scientist interested, search for "The Yoruk Black Tent - Adaption in Design in the Course of Changes in Production" by Kristina Pfeifer at the "Technische Universität Wien".
The final doctoral viva was wonderful! I did not only finish with honors, my husband and my children were there, as well! And I got interrogated by 3 wonderful professors who had the most magnificient questions to the subject. I really do like a good discussion and am therefore happy to receive stunning questions and detail remarks. Yes, and I did get married in case you noticed the change of names. We had a wonderful wedding years ago!